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William & Wendell: A Family Remembered

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From a bereaved mother in Canada:
Thanks for writing your book. It really stands out as the one book that made total sense to me.

From the president of Word Works:
In an email announcement, "Recommendation for an outstanding book on grief," to the Word Works writers group: As a person immersed in literary work, I would like to recommend a book I know well on the subject of grief that is unlike any other on the market today: William & Wendell: A Family Remembered by Donnali Fifield.... Every word is carefully chosen, the style is fluid and poetic.

From a reader at MightyWords.com:
This is a captivating book that grabs you on page one. The book is told through the experiences of life and death that Donnali and her family have endured over the years. It begins with the traumatic and unexpected deaths of her half brother and his family in a most heart-stopping, wrenching way. This was the first of many losses that Ms. Fifield walks you through, the most vivid being the loss of her own twin boys. Ms. Fifield doesn't attempt to glorify the experiences of grief in her life and in fact is often brutally honest. This book is a beautiful mix of both sadness and joy. Ms. Fifield has a passion about her love for her family and the endearing memories she holds close to her heart come through in every word. She shares her experiences with her parents and her own twin brother that will make you laugh and understand the closeness that this family of twins feels. Donnali presents her material with an understanding that grieving can take many different paths for everyone. She chose to deal with hers in a more contemporary way. Her story tells us how to get through life wearing our armor of grief proudly and fight the battle of depression and loss with knowledge and determination. This book was a great read and written with such detail that once you began a page you were right there with her and her family. It is an account of strength and perseverance beyond belief and I highly recommend it.

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