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William & Wendell: A Family Remembered

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"Aggrieved: The bereaved have to cope with their loss—and with the pressure to heal"
Kota Press publishes "Aggrieved," an essay adapted from the book, in the December 2001 issue of the Loss Journal. The Next button on the following page links to the essay and to the afterword, "Let the guinea pigs speak: Detaching grief from theory," added in April 2002.

September 2001
After the attacks on September 11, MightyWords.com, eBookWeb.org, and Word Works feature the book.

  • "Coping with Tragedy: eBooks on Grief, Trauma"
  • "Recommendation for an outstanding book on grief"
    (Word Works) 

Site award
HonoredBabies.org, a site dedicated to helping women after pregnancy and childbirth loss, selects the book for a site award in the spring of 2000.

—  Honored Babies Site Award  —

Honored Babies Site AwardI would like to thank Paula Long, the director of Honored Babies, for choosing this site as her organization's honored selection for the months of April and May 2000. Honored Babies, which Paula Long established in honor of her son Kadin, offers a support network for bereaved mothers and grandmothers.

She is collecting stories for a book of personal writings on baby and infant loss, welcoming submissions from women in the United States and from around the world.

Donnali Fifield

Honored Babies

Featured selection
The following grief and pregnancy loss sites feature the book.

  • Dancing Moon Design (dancingmoon.com)
    Lisa Thun, an artist, creates handmade grief journals for bereaved parents. On her site she offers more than two dozen other ways parents can preserve their child's memory, and also writes movingly of the death of her newborn son, Miles, in 1996. 
  • The Diary (geocities.com/Heartland/Cottage/7991)
    The Diary is an account by Lynne Schulz of her twin pregnancy. In March of 1990 she gave birth to a son, Rhys, and to a daughter, Megan, who had died in utero. Schulz is the founder of the Murraylands Lutheran Stillborn Infant Support Service, based in Australia. Her site has an ordering link for her book, one of the few available on the sad and ambiguous challenge of reconciling grief for one child and joy for the survivor. The site also includes a list of comments to avoid making to a parent who has lost a twin. 
  • Midwife Archives (gentlebirth.org)
    Compiled by Ronnie Falcao, a licensed midwife in California, this is a collection of information on pregnancy and birth from the point of view of midwives. The "Grief and Loss" section of the site: 
  • Multiplicity (geocities.com/synspectrum)
    Dr. Elizabeth Pector, a family physician in Naperville, Illinois, has posted a resource site for the parents of multiples who are dealing with the loss, prematurity, or special needs of one or more of their children. The mother of twins, Jared, born prematurely, and his brother, Bryan, who died from a cord accident the day before delivery in 1997, she also has written articles on these issues. The articles are linked on her resource site: 
  • TAMBA Bereavement Support Group (tamba-bsg.org.uk)
    This is the bereavement division of the Twins and Multiple Births Association, a British organization. Created by Dr. Elizabeth Bryan, a pediatrician and a founder of TAMBA, the site is run by volunteers, offering parent-to-parent support. 

Member of the Association for Death Education and Counseling (adec.org). The Web page for the book at ADEC's site: 

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