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Reissues of recordings by William Fifield

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Times Two Audio is part of The William Fifield Collection, a digital archive of the works of the American writer William Fifield (1916-1987).

Recorded conversations:

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Originally released by Caedmon Records and reissued by Times Two Audio

Cover of Marcel Marceau Speaks "Marcel Marceau Speaks," a conversation on mime with Marcel Marceau and William Fifield 


Cover of Jean Cocteau: A Self-Portrait "Jean Cocteau: A Self-Portrait, A Conversation with William Fifield in French" ("Jean Cocteau: Un autoportrait, une conversation avec William Fifield en français") 


More audio available at The William Fifield Collection:

  "Suspense"  "Lights Out"  "Jeff Regan, Investigator"

Radio scripts and audio clips of radio dramas: Script information and clips of original radio plays and an adaptation of an Agatha Christie story, written by William Fifield during his career as a radio announcer and scriptwriter 

Books, essays, and wine writings: The William Fifield Collection


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