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William Fifield, photo by Michel Tanguy




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A digital archive of the works of the writer William Fifield

Books, essays, and recordings

Digital reissue of published works by William Fifield (1916-1987)

Recorded conversations:

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Photo of Marcel Marceau, from Marcel Marceau Speaks

Marcel Marceau

"Marcel Marceau Speaks," an impromptu conversation on mime, recorded in English    

Photo of Jean Cocteau, from Jean Cocteau par Jean Cocteau

Jean Cocteau

"Jean Cocteau: A Self-Portrait, A Conversation with William Fifield in French" / "Jean Cocteau: Un autoportrait," enregistré en français 

Books, essays, and short stories:


Cover of In Search of Genius In Search of Genius, interviews with Picasso, Cocteau, Dalí, Lurçat, Robert Graves, Marcel Marceau, and others 


Cover of Modigliani Modigliani, an intimate biography of the artist with insights into his life provided by members of his family 

Cocteau series:
The Cocteau series includes a bilingual transcript of the Times Two Audio recording, a monograph originally published in the Columbia Essays on Modern Writers series, and a book-length interview of the artist in French.

Cover of Jean Cocteau: A Self-Portrait Cover of Jean Cocteau essay Cover of Jean Cocteau par Jean Cocteau

Radio scripts:

  "Suspense"  "Lights Out"  "Jeff Regan, Investigator"

Audio clips and script information for original radio plays and an adaptation of an Agatha Christie story, written by William Fifield during his career as a radio announcer and scriptwriter in the 1930s and 1940s 

Coming to the site:

These works will be posted to the site after the publication of the nonfiction titles. Copies of the original editions are available from BookFinder.com, an online search service for out-of-print books.


Novels, published in the United States by Holt, Dial, and Avon and in England by Weidenfeld & Nicolson

Cover of The Devil's Marchioness The Devil's Marchioness, historical fiction based on the life of the notorious Marquise de Brinvilliers


Cover of Matadora Matadora, a novel about a female bullfighter named Maruja, a "lyrical and often ironical story of a woman who destroys bulls but is in turn destroyed in love"


Cover of The Sign of Taurus The Sign of Taurus, a novel set in Mexico about a Polish countess who is a Jewish refugee from the concentration camps. Forced to earn her living by becoming a fortune teller, the countess, a skeptic, finds—to her surprise—that she has psychic powers.

Shorter works:

Essays and magazine articles, from the Paris Review to Penthouse

Short stories, including "The Fishermen of Pátzcuaro," the winner of an O. Henry Memorial Award

William Fifield won the award in 1943 at the age of 27; the other prizewinners that year were Eudora Welty and Dorothy Canfield.

Wine writings:

Cover of The Sherry Royalty The Sherry Royalty, an illustrated history of the great sherry-making families of Spain


Cover of the Encyclopedia of Wines & Spirits Encyclopedia of Wines & Spirits (co-author with Alexis Lichine); this work was published by Knopf in several editions. The book is not included in the collection but is available from Amazon's suppliers of out-of-print books.

Title page of the Encyclopedia of Wines & Spirits     Amazon.com

Title page from the encyclopedia


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