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From the jacket copy:

Modigliani is the definitive biography of one of this century's most famous painters, a man who lived on art, alcohol, drugs, and the sexual abuse of women.

At last William Fifield sets the record straight in a carefully researched, compelling biography. It is made from what the author calls "living witnesses," among them everyone alive (though some have died since their interviews with William Fifield) who had been painted or drawn by Modigliani. The main witnesses were Picasso; Diego Rivera; Cocteau; Braque; Jeanne Modigliani, the painter's daughter; Lunia Czechowska, the greatest of his models; Vera Modigliani, his sister-in-law; Paulette Jourdain, the last woman Modigliani painted; and Hanka Zborowska, the widow of Modigliani's dealer.

The text is accompanied by rare photographs, many never before published, some from the Modigliani family albums. Among these is the last photograph ever taken of Modigliani.

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