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Cover of Florence Nightingale Florence Nightingale and Napoleon Bonaparte, illustrated biographies for young readers published by Silver Burdett Press (Simon & Schuster) in 1985.

Florence Nightingale was reprinted in 1990. Both books are out of print but are listed on Amazon.com, which gets copies through its used-book suppliers.

Cover of Napoleon Bonaparte

Nightingale biography

Napoleon biography

The School Library Journal reviewed the two biographies, along with another in the Silver Burdett series (Ludwig van Beethoven by Noemi Vicini Marri):

"Florence Nightingale is the best of the three in terms of a gracefully flowing text. This book compares favorably to Cecil Woodham-Smith's Lonely Crusader (McGraw-Hill, 1951; out of print), which covers the same ground but in greater detail. Illustrations in [Fifield's] book are more impressionistic and dynamic than the others in this series. None of these books indulges in hagiography. The subjects are portrayed with all their human flaws. Interesting and well-written enough to read aloud, these books are recommended especially for school libraries."

Ann Welton, Lake Dollof Elementary, Auburn, Wash.


Cover of Maurice Ravel, His Life and TimesMaurice Ravel, His Life and Times 1875-1937, monograph that accompanied a record of his music for a series on composers, "Funk & Wagnalls Family Library of Great Music," Funk & Wagnalls, 1984.

The biography was illustrated with photographs of Ravel, as well as with sketches, including one done for the first performance of Boléro. Describing the ballet, performed by the company of Ida Rubenstein at the Théâtre de l'Opéra in Paris, Ravel wrote: "It is a dance whose pace is very steady and uniform, as much in the melody and harmony as the rhythm. The orchestral crescendo provides the only variation."

Program notes for the record by the Italian music teacher and writer Eduardo Rescigno. The monograph and the record are out of print and no longer available.



Cover of Splendid Hotels of EuropeSplendid Hotels of Europe: A Photographic Portrait, photographs by Nicholas d'Archimbaud, text by Bruno de Cessole, Séverine Jouve, and Thierry Wolton; translated from the French.

Lavish, 256-page coffee-table book. Photographs and descriptions of 20 European palaces, mansions, and buildings that have been restored and converted into landmark hotels; these inns include the Palacio de Seteais in Portugal, the Grand Hôtel Nord Pinus in Arles, and the Certosa di Maggiano in Tuscany.

Published in 1994 by Turner Publishing, the publishing arm of the Turner Broadcasting System. Turner Publishing is no longer in business. Out of print; used copies: Amazon.com.


Cover of Photographer's SoliloquyPhotographer's Soliloquy by Jeanloup Sieff, full-page photographs in black and white, and in color, by the well-known French fashion photographer; text translated from the French and the Italian.

Accompanying the photographs and an essay by Sieff on his artistic credo, "Photographer's Soliloquy," are a biography, a bibliography, and a list of his exhibitions from 1965 to 1982.

First published in Italy by the Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri in 1982. The English translation appeared the following year in "The Great Photographers" series published by Prentice-Hall. Out of print and hard to find. Try BookFinder.com to locate it online.


Guides and directories

Cover of Sol y Luna GuideSol y Luna CentralAmérica Guide/Guía Centroamericana Sol y Luna, co-editor (1997), bilingual, Spanish-English tourist guide to Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Costa Rica.

Available from the U.S. office of Sol y Luna Publicaciones:
(415) 453-2589, fax: (415) 453-2260


Cover of AM/PM Guide to Northern CaliforniaAM/PM Guide to Northern California, co-editor (1989-1993), annual guide to San Francisco and Northern California, with listings of hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

Out of print and no longer available.


Cover of Epicurean RendezvousEpicurean Rendezvous, associate editor (1989-1993), annual guides to the 100 finest restaurants in New York, Northern California, Southern California, and Florida.

Out of print; available from BookFinder.com.


Cover of San Francisco/Bay Area Power BookSan Francisco/Bay Area Power Book, author and editor (1988-1989), comprehensive resource directory with more than 15,000 listings in over a dozen key Bay Area industries.

Copies still available.[more]


Cover of Contact BookContact Book, editor (1985-1987), trade directory for the media and entertainment industry. Published and distributed by Celebrity Service International in New York: (212) 757-7979.

The most recent edition came out in 1996 and is out of print.


Sample of books edited that are still in print:

The images link to the books' individual order pages at Amazon.com.

Cover of Capon Valley SamplerCapon Valley Sampler: Sketches of Appalachia from George Washington to Caudy Davis by Willard Wirtz, a regional history of Yellow Spring, West Virginia, and the Capon Valley by the former secretary of labor.


Cover of Der PayatzDer Payatz: Around the World With Yiddish Theater by Herman Yablokoff, translated from the Yiddish by Bella Mysell; the autobiography of the Yiddish actor, singer, and impresario known as Der Payatz, "The Clown."


Cover of A Spy for HannibalA Spy for Hannibal: A Novel of Carthage by Elisabeth Roberts Craft, a historical romance set in Carthage and Rome, with references to Hannibal's daring march over the Alps.


Cover of The Brown CondorThe Brown Condor: The True Adventures of John C. Robinson by Thomas E. Simmons, the life of a pioneering black pilot who helped found an aviation school at the Tuskegee Institute and later served as the personal pilot for Haile Selassie during the Italian invasion of Ethiopia.


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