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Author's note: I founded the Times Two Publishing Company in 1998 to publish William & Wendell: A Family Remembered, a book that questions the ideas of grief therapy, and to create a digital archive of the work of my father, William Fifield. I welcome correspondence from writers and literary executors who are thinking of setting up their own digital archives: timestwo@aol.com.

Donnali Fifield

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Photo of William Fifield  

Books, essays, and recordings

Digital reissues of published works by the American novelist and nonfiction writer William Fifield (1916-1987)

Recorded conversations:

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Conversations with Marcel Marceau and Jean Cocteau, originally released by Caedmon Records and reissued by Times Two Audio

Photo of Marcel Marceau, from Marcel Marceau Speaks           Photo of Jean Cocteau, from Jean Cocteau par Jean Cocteau 


Cover of In Search of Genius In Search of Genius, a collection of interviews with Picasso, Cocteau, Dalí, Marcel Marceau, Roberto Rossellini, Robert Graves, and other 20th-century artists and writers 


Cover of Modigliani Modigliani, a biography of the artist with interviews conducted with members of his family 

Cocteau series:
The Cocteau series includes a transcript of the Times Two Audio recording, a monograph originally published by the Columbia University Press, and a book-length interview of the artist in French.

Cover of Jean Cocteau: A Self-Portrait Cover of Jean Cocteau essay Cover of Jean Cocteau par Jean Cocteau

Fiction, essays, short stories, radio plays, and wine writings:

Works by Donnali Fifield

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Cover of William & Wendell: A Family Remembered William & Wendell: A Family Remembered, a critique of grief theory based on personal experience 


Finder's CD: Bay Area

Finder's CD: Bay Area logo "Finder's CD: Bay Area," a community resource guide with directory listings for the San Francisco Bay Area  


eBook Digest logo
Archives of the eBook Digest, a summary of e-publishing news from January to May 2001, with links to two articles by Donnali Fifield on e-publishing; the first covers how writers and literary executors can reissue their work electronically.  


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