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The William Fifield Collection

Marcel Marceau

"Marcel Marceau Speaks"

Cover of Marcel Marceau SpeaksFirst issued by Caedmon Records in 1971, this conversation on mime, recorded in English by Marcel Marceau and the American writer William Fifield, is an in-depth look at Marceau's art.

In this recording, Marcel Marceau traces the history of mime and discusses his own role in its renewed popularity. Calling mime the art of "making the invisible visible," he shares how he developed his signature character, Bip, and began performing all around the world, a tour de force career that has lasted for more than 50 years. He speaks with eloquence about the purpose of his art, which, he says, is to show how life is. And branching off to his interests and experiences off the stage, he talks about his paintings, his belief in the universality of man, and his life during World War II, when he took part in the French Resistance and also had to hide from the Gestapo because his father was Jewish.

Digitally remastered and now available as a CD and in an MP3 format, "Marcel Marceau Speaks" was released again by Times Two Audio on the occasion of Marcel Marceau's October 2000 tour of the United States.

For additional information on Marceau: The Marcel Marceau Foundation


Times Two Audio has also reissued "Jean Cocteau: A Self-Portrait, A Conversation with William Fifield in French" ("Jean Cocteau: Un autoportrait, une conversation avec William Fifield en français").   [more]

The two audio clips are from the beginning of the first track, "The Origins of Mime."

Voices of Marcel Marceau and William Fifield: "Marcel Marceau Speaks" (48-second WAV, 523 KB)

Voice of Marcel Marceau: "Marcel Marceau Speaks" (16-second WAV, 178 KB)

Additional clips, in MP3 format, are available at EMusic.com, linked below.


More about "Marcel Marceau Speaks":

Close-up of Marcel Marceau as BipA larger version of the cover

Liner notes by Clive Barnes

Track listings for the recording


To order "Marcel Marceau Speaks":

CD: U.S. $16.99  Amazon.com

Download: $8.99   EMusic.com

Discounts available for orders of five or more copies of the CD purchased directly from the publisher. Contact Times Two Audio.

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